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LKCF Provides Crucial Need for Kisebere Village

Earlier this year, Bishop Kiiza Sibayirwa Thomas told us of the struggles that some patients had in getting to the Mama Sabina Community Health Center, Uganda in Kisebere Village. Many in the area do not have transportation and some had to be carried from their homes to the clinic for medical care (see photo below).

Since the clinic is such a vital part of the Kisebere community and benefits the children and adults in the village, our foundation was able to send funds we had collected through special Facebook fundraisers to Bishop Tom for the purchase of a motorcycle. Now, patients can be transported to the clinic by clinical staff, and the motorcycle can be used to pick up medication and supplies in Bwera.

This motorcycle will have a huge impact on our children and the Kisebere community.

Thanks to all who donated to those special fundraisers to make this happen!


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