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Thanks to donations from our Facebook Fundraiser, LKCF was able to again provide funds to help the school children in Kisebere celebrate Christmas. The funds sent to Bishop Tom were in addition to the regular sponsorship funds we send each quarter.

This year, the children received a meal, drink and snacks for the party and also were given a bar of soap. Funds were also used to help pay medical expenses for five children who fell ill during the holiday season and we're happy to report they have all recovered and are doing well.

Each year we make sure extra funds are raised so all of the school children can enjoy a Christmas celebration together.

  • Writer's pictureLauren Kisebere

Part of the funds we receive from our sponsors and donors goes to special projects for the children and residents of Kisebere. In August, our foundation sent funds to Bishop Tom so he and his wife could purchase medications locally to be used by the Mama Sabina Community Health Center, Uganda. These vital medications are available to patients of the Health Center, including many of our sponsored children.

The funds were sent for the purchase of the medications locally instead of shipping the medications. Shipping medications would have taken several weeks to arrive and the shipping costs are very high. Plus, there's no guarantee the medications would have arrived safely or completely. By buying them locally, more medications could be purchased since there was not the expense of shipping, plus it also helped the local economy.

When Bishop Tom received the funds, he said, "these medications will save lives!"

  • Writer's pictureLauren Kisebere

Updated: Mar 2

Some of our Sponsored Children are now entering High School and one of the books they are required to have for school is the English Bible. Bishop Tom presented them with their Bibles recently so they will be prepared for school.

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